Cory Collier

Thoughts on Tech, Fitness, and Emotional Maturity

About This Site

This site was written using Silex and Parsedown. The code is easily viewable on GitHub. The gist of it is Silex intercepts the requests, and tries to find a markdown file matching the request. If it can't find one, an error page is displayed.

I don't host any front-end assets here. Bootstrap, Font Awesome, and jQuery are the UI tools of choice, and I see no need to host them myself.

This awesome background you see on my site - it's from WallHaven.

There is no database to this site. All of the content comes from markdown files that are part of the repository.

I run it in production on Docker.

I've run Wordpress and Drupal for a platform in the past. Both are great platforms. For me though, I found that being able to just write markdown makes my life a lot happier. So, I came up with this site one afternoon, and I try to make it accomodate what I need.

About Me

  • I believe in Jesus Christ.
  • I have kids.
  • I'm a friend of Bill.
  • I write software and architect solutions.
  • I love CrossFit.
  • I love music that makes me think.