Cory Collier

Thoughts on Tech, Fitness, and Emotional Maturity

About This Site

This site was written using Silex and Parsedown. The code is easily viewable on GitHub . The gist of it is Silex intercepts the requests, and tries to find a markdown file matching the request. If it can't find one, an error page is displayed.

I don't host any front-end assets here. Bootstrap, Font Awesome, and jQuery are the UI tools of choice, and I see no need to host them myself.

This awesome background you see on my site - it's from WallHaven.

There is no database to this site. All of the content comes from markdown files that are part of the repository.

I run it in production on Docker.

I've run Wordpress and Drupal for a platform in the past. Both are great platforms. For me though, I found that being able to just write markdown makes my life a lot happier. So, I came up with this site one afternoon, and I try to make it accomodate what I need.

About Me

  • I believe in Jesus Christ.
  • I have kids.
  • I'm a friend of Bill.
  • I write software and architect solutions.
  • I love CrossFit.
  • I love music that makes me think.
  • I'm dating the hottest girl ever.
  • I post a lot on My Instagram Page